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Trevor Dahl (b. 1995 Redding, CA; lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT): Trevor spent his youth in over 10 cities throughout the United States. He studied fine arts at Utah State University with a scholarship for academic excellence with a concentration in Fine Arts. He moved on from the school to pursue an art practice on his terms. His work is quickly gaining traction as he reenters the world of his main focus, painting. Trevor's vast portfolio contains a multitude of mediums: painting; public art; murals; drawing; design; music, and animation.

The visceral, playful images he generates are archetypes made from his internal world of emotions that often find their form in dreams. All the subjects and matter in his work fall into the realm of archetypes. Trevor’s artwork has a sincere, serious humor. He creates a guide through his psyche as an offering to the collective (un)conscious with the hope viewers may discover their deeper journeys.

Trevor continues to work in private and public spaces. He has a deeply held purpose to provide opportunities for the arts at large, often through commissions and crowd-source funded workshops open to the public. He is the recipient of many public and privately funded grants and commissions. His work can be found in private collections; public spaces throughout Salt Lake City; films; and projects sponsored by well-regarded companies and brands. These include the Spy Hop Kahlert Youth Media Center; Red Bull films, and the Salt Lake City Department of Sustainability.